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Modern Communication has revolutionised the way we work and live.

It influences how and where we do business and changes the way we organize routines. Information technology allows a more flexible approach to the workplace, traditional boundaries between work and private life seem to disappear. The Office Furniture has to adapt to this change in layout and style.


MCOF - Modern Communication Office Furniture SolutionsMany companies in the UK are aware of changing European legislation affecting the work place. But not many are familiar with the possibilities of real improvements to the office environment, using planning standards now in use in Europe and the concept of storage wall systems and  ‘Room-In-Room’ divisions.


With changing EC legislation, some countries have adopted a more radical approach to the interpretation of the VDU Regulations, particularly for the public sector. This has led manufacturers and planners to incorporate guidelines, which can vastly improve the effect of layout planning and minimize planning time.


Planning a VDU workstation correctly requires a careful consideration of the ergonomics and practicality of the equipment used. We re-think traditional concepts and train individual end users on guidelines regarding light, noise and space at the workplace, furniture layout and work routines and the correct use of their equipment.


Unexpected cost development in the refurbishment process can jeopardize the success of a project. A careful cost/effect analysis will take individual requirements and budgets into account. A detailed schedule from planning to installation ensures a successful project, the emphasis being on getting it right first time, completion on time.

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