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MCOF Office Furniture Solutions3M UK Plc Newton Aycliffe


As a group of companies 3M is established all over the world with many specialised operations throughout Europe. One such division is in the North of England, where 3M manufactures and distributes their respiratory equipment. Working to very high standards with regards to occupational health and safety, 3M is exemplary in using only professionals for workplace and work routine assessment.


This approach lead to a close co-operation with MCOF to provide interior solutions and refurbishment of 3M’s open plan, cellular and plant offices. The project object was to refurbish in stages while all offices had to be kept fully operational.


MCOF Office Furniture SolutionsFrom the start, MCOF provided professional 2D and 3D layout design, exact progress analysis and expertise in choosing materials, colours and finishes. Together with the client, showrooms of leading European manufacturers were visited and training was given to management and staff.


The variety of applications in different areas of operation made the lengthy refurbishment of 3M’s offices a typical example of how modern communication and office furniture can function together and satisfy even the most demanding requirements. High ergonomics were achieved with height adjustable systems furniture and fully recyclable swivel armchairs.


MCOF Office Furniture SolutionsNot only in theory but also practical, MCOF provides professional expertise, fulfilling tight delivery and installation schedules and meeting exact budget requests. Without major interruptions, every workstation was put in place for a great variety of individual users and the quality of products and service guarantees 3M a lasting successful office solution.

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