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MCOF - Modern Communication Office Furniture SolutionsBalfour Beatty Construction Ltd


Balfour Beatty is one of the UK best known construction companies with offices throughout the country from London to Edinburgh and far beyond. The variety of application stretches from site office to bespoke Head Office. Here MCOF combined space planning expertise with reliable call-off supply to a large number of Northern offices.


MCOF - Modern Communication Office Furniture SolutionsEach office environment has to meet functional and budgetary targets to provide a comfortable and ergonomic work place, flexible to cope with quickly changing technology and staff fluctuation. Only a small range of systems furniture provide this flexibility combined with longevity. This is why careful research of the evolving office furniture market is an essential task, success-fully achieved for Balfour Beatty’s complex requirements.


A layout solution often has to adopt new working practises. Balfour Beatty is a typical example, how changing project work can place great demand on the flexibility of an installed system to allow quick re-configuration and additions. MCOF has achieved this with moveable furniture systems and the ability to supply off-stock parts on short notice for Balfour Beatty in the North of the UK.


MCOF - Modern Communication Office Furniture Solutions
MCOF to this day provides Balfour Beatty with a variety of successful office designs and the fact, that this continued relationship reaches its 10th year underlines the success of this co-operation. No matter, how big or small a project, M|C|O|F has the ability to provide the right solution, every time, first time.

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