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Nissan Technology Centre EuropeNissan Technology Centre Europe


When Nissan was looking for a company to provide interior solutions for their newly build European Design Centre near Milton Keynes, MCOF had not only the products and capabilities to fit out 4 floors for over 400 staff.


Nissan Technology Centre EuropeFrom the start, Nissan was looking for a service provider, who had the ability to move his operation into the existing plant at Sunderland, to plan to detail and to strict time schedules with individual departments. Engineers only wanted to spend as little time as possible on the planning process but every individual requirement needed to be incorporated.


Just-in-time delivery and installation also was crucial, only few European manufacturers can produce, deliver and install over 400 workstations, storage walls, partitionings and seating within 2 weeks, allowing at the same time swift collaboration with state of the art computer installations, electronic and data all at the same site.

 Nissan Technology Centre Europe

Over the years and up to this day, the successful co-operation between MCOF and Nissan has seen increased furniture installations not only in Milton Keynes and Sunderland, but also all over the UK, including London, Lutterworth and recently even in Germany.

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